Our Areas of Practice

McVicker’s Family Law Mediation Center is dedicated solely to providing family law legal services. Family law is a broad term that encompasses all actions, matters and disputes relating to marital and non-marital relationships. Since 1993, Elizabeth McVicker has been helping clients through divorce, parentage and other family law matters.

Whether your legal issue is simple or complex, every move you make counts. McVicker’s Family Law Mediation Center is focused on thorough and timely planning, and strategy. At our firm, we know firsthand that as legal matters progress, plans may need to be altered. We constantly review your case to determine the best course of action. If and when a case is litigated, you will be in the best possible position for success. Below are the areas of our practice:


Ms. McVicker brings her 24 years’ family law problem solving skills to the table when she acts as mediator. With appropriate guidance, parties can be in control of their own resolution instead of paying two bickering attorneys to deal with trivial issues. McVicker’s Family Law Mediation Center is dedicated to saving clients’ money, time, stress and court litigation. The Center offers a private conference room for mediation services. Once an agreement is reached, the mediator, at your discretion, can prepare all documentation to submit to court to finalize your agreement or divorce.


 Ms. McVicker’s goal no matter what is at stake or how complicated the issues is to provide value to her clients in the form of achieving victory in court. The high-quality representation she provides is the result of a combination of substantial trial experience, broad substantive legal knowledge and commitment to client service. Ms. McVicker will become solidly grounded in the facts of your case and develop innovative strategies that are responsive to your legal issues. Through strategic positioning of your interests, Ms. McVicker will level the playing field and achieve increased opportunities for you to prevail, either achieving victory in court or obtaining a favorable settlement.

Limited Scope Representation

Also known as unbundled services, limited scope representation is an affordable lawyer assisted step-by-step approach in handling your legal issues. This service allows you to tackle individual steps associated in your family law matter while leaving the litigant in control of his or her case and the sole point of contact with the Court and the opponent. Ms. McVicker’s limited scope legal services fall into three general categories: 1) general consultations which include legal advice and direction to the client; 2) legal argument and document preparation; and 3) limited representation in Court.

Limited scope representation may not always be the best option if your case has a lot of technical issues or needs to be handled within a certain time frame. Since there is so much at stake, it’s recommended that you discuss your entire case with Ms. McVicker before choosing limited scope services in case there is something you overlooked.