• Elizabeth McVicker – Board Certified Family Law Specialist

Family Law Specialist

McVicker’s Family Law Mediation Center handles complex family law issues from beginning to end, and leaves no stone unturned with the utmost discretion. No matter how difficult the case, McVicker’s Family Law Mediation Center has the expertise and knowledge to attend to the individual needs of our clients.

Elizabeth McVicker is a Certified Family Law Specialist, with more than 23 years’ experience as a family lawyer. She understands the sinews of family law litigation and mediation techniques to give you peace of mind and obtain the best possible solution for you, and your family. She has the expertise, depth of knowledge, proficiency and sensitivity to assist her clients. Any given case may call for litigation, mediation and limited scope services. She excels at negotiating and litigating these cases with skill, integrity and ingenuity.

Attentive and responsive, Elizabeth McVicker takes a personal approach with her clients. McVicker’s Family Law Mediation Center recognizes that each client is undergoing a life-changing event when he or she arrives at our office for an initial consultation. Each and every one of our clients is treated with the utmost respect and care. We walk you through all the details of your case step by step – making ourselves as available as possible. You will always be kept abreast of any important developments regarding your case. Elizabeth McVicker uses her deep well of experience and knowledge, along with a personalized approach to provide you with the best possible representation.

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